Effective, Washable, Affordable Antimicrobial Face Masks

HealthGuard® Permanent Antimicrobial Treatment. 99% Antimicrobial / Germ-Killing Effectiveness After 30 Washes. Adjustable Nose Pads. Soft Adjustable Ear-loops with Unique Silicon Adjustment Knots. Free 3-day Trackable Delivery. 

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MaskSave® masks have been tested in the UK by leading UK labs

✔️  99% germ killing ability beyond 30 washes

✔️  Particle filtration capability closely comparable to FFP1 medical masks

MaskSave® Generation 2 features


99% Antimicrobial Effectiveness even after 30 washes

MaskSave masks are treated with non-leaching, non-allergenic HealthGuard® Permanent Antimicrobial Treatment, commonly used in hospital gowns worldwide.

Fully adjustable

Adjustable Ear loops with silicon knots and Adjustable nose pads

Soft Adjustable Ear-loops Made from a Cotton- spandex Blend, fully adjustable between 10- 20cm. Adjustable Nose pad that does not fog your glasses. Suitable for all ages and face shapes.


Good for the environment and the NHS

Our masks’ washability and reusability make them a more eco-friendly and affordable replacement to disposable masks, while preserving medical supplies for the NHS. Save the environment and the NHS. Save your wallet with a mask that lasts and doesn’t break the bank.


Sophisticated, breathable Construction

Protective Outer Layer of 100% Polyester with Water-resistant and Dust-repellent Coating. Filtering Middle Layer from 100% Medical-grade, Treated Cotton. Ultra-soft Inner Layer Made from 48.5% Cotton, 48.5% Polyester and 3% Spandex for the Best ‘Next-to-Skin’ Touch. Moisture-repellent Hydrophobic / Hydrophilic Lining.

Don’t just take our word for it

MaskSave is rated “Excellent” on Trustpilot

MaskSave® Generation 2 Antimicrobial Washable Masks

Our MaskSave® masks are designed for everyday use. Let’s face it – most people don’t really want to wear a mask. But if you have to – you might as well use a mask that you can live with – one that fits well, works well, breathes well, washable and looks good. 

The last masks you’ll ever need

MaskSave® Generation 2 Antimicrobial Washable Masks


Looking to procure masks for your business?

We are proud to be one of the largest suppliers of non-medical high-tech washable face-masks in the UK to SMEs, corporates, public sector and NGOs. We are deeply honoured that many organisations, including FTSE-listed companies, have procured our masks.

MaskSave Generation 2 masks Effective, Washable, Affordable Antimicrobial Face Masks


rated “excellent” on trustpilot

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