MaskSave® generation 2 washable antimicrobial masks 

10 times better

with improved materials, multilayer filtering system and adjustable ear loops

Available from 11 May

Three layers of sophisticated high-performance antimicrobial fabric. Adjustable ear-loops with soft silicone knots. Elegant Off-White Design. Washable, antimicrobial properties preserved for at least 30 washes as per lab tests.

About Our MaskSave® Generation 2 Masks

3-layer Filtration system with high performance fabric

MaskSave® Generation 2 Masks features a sophisticated 3-layer filtration system to effectively protect public health, while suitable for daily use.

Outer Layer
Treated polyester with water-resistant and dust-repellent coating helps protect against water and droplets and dirt.
Middle Layer
Antimicrobial, medical-grade, treated cotton helps protect against infectious agents, complying with AATCC:100 (*) standards.
Inner Layer
A sophisticated composition of 97% CVC fabric (50% cotton, 50% polyester) and 3% spandex ensures the best ‘next-to-skin’ comfort. This gentle fabric composition gives a comfortable and pleasant feel to the masks.

(*) AATCC:100 – Antibacterial Finishes on Textile Materials standard by American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists


Adjustable Ear-Loops
The exceptionally soft strap (composed from a unique cotton-spandex blend) incorporates a unique silicon adjustment knot, which no other masks in the market currently have. These adjustable straps means no more ear pain when wearing masks all day long.

Attention to Details
Elegant white unisex design, with meticulous hand-sewed stitching and quality finishes.

Easy to Clean and Good for the Environment
Compact size, extremely easy to clean and the performance lasts after repeated washes. Superior reusability means no more disposable masks polluting the environment.

Our MaskSave® Generation 2 Masks in Real Life

Behind the Scene of our Generation 2 Masks

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MaskSave® Generation 2 Antimicrobial Washable Masks 

We are passionate about protecting public health, hence we constantly look for ways to improve our mask products. Months of product designs, improvements, iterations and testing give us confidence that our Generation 2 masks are radically superior to any other alternatives in the market. Not only that it’s effective and washable, but it’s also affordable!



MaskSave Generation 2 masks Effective, Washable, Affordable Antimicrobial Face Masks


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